Menorah magazine №144

Australia Day
100 Year Anniversary of the Battle for Beersheba
Discussing the “Kypcor” Website
The Shalom Association continues to Thrive
Bella Meylikh Regales
Discussion Club
A Short History of the October 1917 Revolution
Israel and the Middle East
On the ship «Ingul»
The Italian Odyssey of two Jewish Girls
Annual Meeting at Club “Nadezhda”
My Recollections of life in a Ghetto and my Army Service
Love and Respect yourself
Meeting with Janet Reid
“E.Danova” presents at Discussion Club
The USSR and the formation of the State of Israel
Jewish – Nobel Laureates
Medical Pages
Sporting Roundup
“NINGALOO” – Mysterious Cape
Who was Lenin’s Mother?
In memory of Igor Tanchuk
Odessa Joks
Sol Shulman has passed away

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